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Thats me, Anirudha



I have 13+ years of experience on :

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Virtulization, Cloud, Distributed Systems , building scalable automation framework. Last couple of years I have been working on Distributed Cloud storage. I worked in VMware for close 7 Yrs on various products (from workstation , ESX, ESXi, vCenter, View). And from last 5+ yrs I am working on Nutanix, truly distributed and highly scalable solution.

I have multiple certifications in VMware and Nutanix technologies .Few of them are expired, but I don't think it bothers me much  (piece of paper can not define how much technology I know). 

In this website I want to focus on bringing best out of technologies. Currently I am working on Nutanix products, so it becomes first choice to write about. But eventually I want to also explore Aws cloud, Google Cloud, Dockers, Kubernetes & VMware products. I have no intention to compare any of these products, that I will leave it to my readers. I will mostly focus on understanding these technologies (as I get time) and helping people .

Part of my job is also developing automation frameworks, we will explore few  SDK's for automating your workloads.

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