IAM Replication : Configuring Replication across Prism Central

Anirudha | Tue, 12/22/2020 - 07:10

In the previous post we looked at Objects replication across two Objects clusters deployed on same Prism Central server. This will make sure you have data availability, but what if Objects cluster hosting IAM service goes down. Or your entire PC or entire DC goes down. In such a case you will lose the access to data. And in few cases, even if you have access to data but if IAM service goes down then application wont be able to authenticate to access the data.

To overcome this, Objects supports replication across two clusters deployed on different Prism Center servers. So here you get flexibility to configure IAM replication at Prism Central server level across two sites and also data replication at bucket level.  In case of disaster if your primary site goes down, then you can point all your applications to secondary site and they will be able to authenticate using same credentials and will also have access to data.

Let's take a quick look at the configuration.

You have to first register destination prism central on your source prism central cluster.

On your primary Prism Central Server -> Goto Administration -> Availability Zones on your source cluster.



Click on “Connect to Availability Zone” -> Input destination Prism Central Server Details -> Connect


Objects will connect to destination Prism Central and fetch all the info on all the Objects cluster deployed on it. When you configure replication on a bucket, it should give you an option to choose this particular PC and any Objects from the server. You will also get an option to select this PC in IAM Replication wizard.


Here you should see destination Prism Central server that we added in previous screen. Select PC, and UI will fetch all available Objects cluster deployed in destination PC.

You can select the destination Objects cluster and proceed with wizard. Rest of the workflow is exactly same.


IAM Replication :

Above steps ensures data high availability across two sites. But for IAM replication :

Navigate to Objects UI -> Access Keys -> IAM Replication Settings -> Add IAM pairing


From dropdown select the Prism Central server you just added :




IAM replication will continue in the background. And as you create new users in the source cluster it gets replicated to the destination cluster.


You also get the option to manually sync the IAM user base from source to destination cluster.