Introducing Nutanix Objects - S3 compatible storage

Anirudha | Mon, 09/16/2019 - 13:30


Nutanix offers wide variety of products from truly distributed storage systems, ERA, Epoch, IOT and  enterprise cloud solution etc (complete list can be found here). 

In this article I am going to take a quick look at Nutanix storage stack :

These are widely used Nutanix storage solutions

  1. AOS : Truely distribute storage & compute stack.

  2. Nutanix Volumes (Block level access)

  3. Files (Scalable file storage)

These products are well proven and has helped IT not only to reduce overall cost but also simplify their workload and making entire complexity of infrastructure invisible to IT admins. While all above products provides primary storage solutions for all mission critical workloads, but what about  storage solution for long archival/backup, WORM usecase which is equally critical for enterprise workloads.

And thats where Nutanix Objects is going to help .


Objects Usecase


Nutanix Objects : 

 This is the new entry to Nutanix portfolio and entry for Nutanix into secondary storage market. Objects1.0 GA will be released along with AOS 5.11 release, i.e you should be able to gets your hands on Object very soon .

  1. Long Term Retention & Backup.

    1. Protect your data with a simple, scalable and cost-effective active archive solution. Most of the enterprise backup solution such as Veeam, Commvault, Hycu , Netbackup etc.. support backing up to S3 storage for the simple reason , for reducing cost per GB (Refer this how Nutanix helps you). And Objects is S3 compliant so if you are able to backup to AWS S3 then Objects will work for you out of the box.

      1. Configuring you backup with Objects (Blog coming soon).

        1. Hycu 

        2. Commvault

        3. Veeam

        4. Netbackup

  2. WORM

    1.  Write once and read many, this is the main usecase of Objects but then you would want some of your most critical data to be preserved for longer time without risk of ever being deleted. And Objects support this WORM functionality in 1.0 release out of the box.

      1. Exploring WORM (Blog coming soon) 

        1. How does WORM works

        2. Configuring WORM on the bucket from UI

        3. Using  Rest API for managing WORM

  3. DevOps

    1. Objects support upto 10K users and they all can use Objects in parallel. DevOps and IT Ops can simply leverage an S3-compatible interface for cross-geo, cross-team collaboration and agile development.  Use a single namespace to “PUT” and “GET” objects over the network with HTTP commands. Integrate REST API calls within your programs or scripts without tracking complex directory structures. 

      1. Exploring Objects for your regular use:

        1. Creating IAM users

        2. Using Rest to access Objects 

        3. Sharing bucket.

Reference : here & here

We will get into each of the above points much deeper and will also look into how Objects is going to reduce your cost per gigabyte and simplifies overall management.