New Release announcement : Objects 2.1

Anirudha | Thu, 05/14/2020 - 19:49

Objects 2.0 brought Multi-cluster feature which can stretch Objects storage across multiple AOS clusters, WORM and tons of improvements just couple of months back. And this week we got another power packed release from Nutanix Objects.

Objects2.1 has some of the awesome features and scale improvements. We will go over these features in next couple of weeks. 

What's new:

This release includes the following new features:

  • Introduced Scale-Out Feature for Object Store                          
    • You can now expand your object store by adding more resources to the existing cluster. 
  • Added Static Website Policy for Buckets 
    • You can now host a static website on Objects by configuring a bucket for static website hosting. 
  • Added CORS Policy for Buckets 
    • With Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) support in Objects, you can create rich web applications and allow cross-origin sharing of resources from Objects. 
  • Added Support for Object Tagging API Operations 
    • You can now use the object tagging API operations to add, retrieve, and remove tags for your objects. 
  • Introduced Listing of Shared Buckets 
    • You can now list the buckets owned by or shared with the current user. Prior to this list calls returned only the buckets owned by the user.
  • Enhanced API Access Key Management 
    • You can now add a display name for an API user and add tags to the access keys while generating an access key. 
    • Added ability to delete users completely for compliance purposes.
  • Introduction of Quota Policy for Users 
    • You can now assign a quota policy to a user which enables Objects to set soft thresholds on storage limits on all buckets owned by the user within an object store. 
  • Scale and Performance improvements

Useful Links:

  • Objects 2.1 Release Notes can be accessed here.
  • User Guide can be accessed here.
  • Software downloads for Objects (darksite) is here.

I will start the series on this very soon to explore each of this feature in more detail.