Nutanix Objects 2.0 is GA .

Anirudha | Tue, 03/24/2020 - 06:24

Nutanix released Objects 2.0 last month with lots of new features and improvements. 

This release includes the following new features:

  • Multi-cluster object store is now supported
    • You can scale out Objects storage either by adding more nodes to underlying AOS clusters Or by adding multiple of AOS clusters to Objects cluster.
    • You can add upto 4 AHV or ESXi cluster as secondary clusters to Objects. 
    • Thats right, your Objects storage can scale independent of underlying platform.
  • WORM policy is introduced for non-versioned buckets
    • You can now apply WORM policy on a non-versioned bucket. Versioning will not be enabled on the WORM bucket by default.
  • Decoupled user interface for each object store
    • Each object store now opens up in a new window so that you can independently upgrade the Objects Manager.
  • Support to run “collect_perf” on an Objects cluster.
  • Delete Objects support in UI.
  • Many backend improvements and bugs fixes.

Useful Links:

  • Objects 2.0 Release Notes can be accessed here.
  • User Guide can be accessed here.
  • Software downloads for Objects (darksite) is here.


I will start series soon to get into each of these feature.