Nutanix Objects Replicator : Replication support

Anirudha | Sun, 02/09/2020 - 06:29

Nutanix released Replication support for Objects right after Objects1.1 release. Objects Replicator works out of band for replicating your mission critical data from one Objects cluster to other cluster OR it can also migrate your S3 workload from public cloud to on-prem Objects Cluster.

In this blog, we will take a look at: 

  • Deploy and configure Replicator.
  • Protecting your critical data.
  • Migrating workload from public cloud to on-prem Nutanix Objects cluster.

What you need :

  • Objects Replicator installation package.
  • Two instances of Nutanix Objects .
  • IAM Credentials & buckets on both instances.
  • AWS account and credentials.

Download Objects Replicator installation package : 
To get access to the Objects Replicator, please contact your Nutanix Account manager.

  • Download below binaries from Nutanix portal to your desktop :
    • objects-replicator-1.1.qcow2
    • objects-replicator-1.1.iso
    • Objects_replicator_config_alerts.txt

Quick look at my setup:


I have 7 Objects instances running on my Prism Central. I am going to use Objects instances : “Calculus” and “Numbers” for setting replication. 
You can have source and destination Objects running on the same Or different PrismCentrals.

Clusters :

  • Source Cluster:
     Calculus Endpoint :
                      Access : ILOX_dH87avkdbjOagIvdiJ19j0HpLsy
                      Secret  : GoCdPuca8VP066btzwG6cnswa-YPUail
             BucketName : vdi-bucket
  • Destination Cluster :
     Numbers Endpoint :
                      Access : PJdSxU1AcbApjF_S79k5XDm3CbwmD4OV
                      Secret  : ZyD7hP01JkzOE-QntoaEBi777-useHyK
             BucketName  : vdi-bucket-dst