Objects 3.2 Feature loaded release

Anirudha | Wed, 06/09/2021 - 23:40

Nutanix Objects 3.2 is released today with many new features and tons of enhancement. In next few days we will cover these changes in more details. Here is the summary :


What's new:
This release of Objects includes the following new features:

  • TurboS3 - Highly performant and completely rewritten S3 protocol adaptor
    • Significant improvements in performance, supportability and debuggability.
  • New Objects Deployment workflow :
    • Now deployment workflow will run all required prechecks and will point out if any of the pre-requisite not met.
    • Pre-deployment checks are run automatically before starting the object store deployments. Will improve the customer experience and simplify troubleshooting by catching mis-configurations very early in the Objects deployment process.
  • Replication Enhancements
    • Improves replication of large objects at scale.
    • Significantly improved RPO for large objects. (~5x RPO improvement)
  • Baseline Replicator Tool
    • Enables replicating pre-existing objects in a bucket
  • Multiple FQDN Support
    • You can now have multiple FQDNs for an object store
    • You can add upto 1000 FQDNs to your Objects Instance.
  • Splunk Multi-Site
    • Qualified Splunk Multi-Site enabled with Objects Replication
  • Objects Browser Enhancements
    • Multi-part upload for large objects (> 1GB) in Objects Browser
    • Added Recycle Bin in Objects Browser. The deleted objects (having the latest version as delete marker) in the versioned buckets are now shown in the Recycle Bin.
    • Improved Upload window in Objects Browser
    • Upload window is enhanced to display full page modal, grid view for displaying upload progress, search by object name, bucket name or prefix, and navigate to uploaded objects location and perform any objects operations.
    • Lifecycle policy configuration on buckets
    • You can now configure bucket lifecycle policies for user owned buckets from the Objects Browser.
    • Static website hosting for buckets
      • You can host a static website on Objects by configuring a bucket for static website hosting from the Objects Browser.
    • CORS policy for buckets
      • With Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) support in Objects Browser, you can create rich web-applications and allow cross-origin sharing of resources from Objects.
  • Increased the size limit of a multipart object
    • The maximum size limit of a multipart object is 16 TiB. This limit is different from the standard S3 API limit of 5 TiB.

Useful Links:

  • Objects 3.2 Release Notes can be accessed here.
  • User Guide can be accessed here.
  • Software downloads for Objects (darksite) is here.
  • MSP 2.2.4 Release Notes can be accessed here.