Static Website : Building Complex applications.

Anirudha | Mon, 08/31/2020 - 13:33

Use Case 3:

I want to take this experiment to the next level. Can we build some real applications which will let you browse all the files and directories in your bucket and let you download it right from the browser. 

Building filer or image repo on Objects Cluster :

Think of a typical file server where you store all the ISO images, Jenkin Builds, VM Images and misc data. Typically admin builds another storage system to host all these data which is widely used in organization .This not only needs huge storage space but also maintaining a file server just for this is an overhead.

Now you can always deploy 3rd party applications on the top of Objects cluster, which involves another layer of software and building dependency. 

How about finding something even simple.
In this experiment, we will build the real file-server on Objects cluster using Static-website. And we will try to read the data right from the browser or also deploy VMs right from Objects cluster. 

I came across this amazing git project which gives you S3 browser type of functionality on the top of S3 storage. Link -
I am going to use this project. I made made few config changes and couple of customization. And I was able to host the entire application in bucket created in our previous projects.


Quick Demo:


In the above demo, we hosted an complex application (based on : ) right on the Objects cluster. I migrated our typical file-server to Objects cluster , and all my users were able to use this application as if they were using typical file-server for downloading builds Or VM images.

You can browse the data as you browse in your regular file server. Navigate across multiple buckets , list 100s of files. You can download content with one click Or read it right in the browser. And this all you are doing , right from your Objects cluster.

Absolutely no need for a traditional file server which creates complexity and multiple silos. Take advantage of Objects to do pretty much everything right from the same deployment.


Lets try one last test :

Can we create  Image on our AHV cluster from ISO stored on our file-server ?

Quick Demo : 


In the demo, we just created an ISO image on AHV cluster, ISO file was fetched directly from Objects cluster. The usual workflow without changing anything worked just fine.
Similarly you could also deploy VM  on your ESXi cluster from OVF template which we saw on Objects File Server.

How cool is this!!!

Conclusion :

With the help of Static Website , you can build an web application and host right on your Objects cluster. Neither you need any specific software stack to host it nor you need any special administration skills to manage it. Just post all the code on Objects and let it take care of hosting .

Objects is highly scalable, so scalability , high performance and balancing request across multiple nodes efficiently comes at the free of cost here. Objects also saves you huge cost on the underlying infrastructure without sacrificing the performance. You can host 100s or even 1000s of web applications, while other workload are just running fine.