Writing and Reading data from Objects endpoint.

Anirudha | Sun, 01/12/2020 - 19:45

In some of the previous blogs we went over Objects deployment, UI , use cases and configuring backup. We know how to configure applications with Objects endpoint and how data looks when it lands on Objects cluster.

In this series, we will go over how you can upload your data using Objects S3 API’s and  S3 SDK’s,  what all options you get while uploading your data and what all aspects you should consider. I hope this will also get you started in automating your workloads Or writing application. We will look at few of the API's at high level and I will come up with one more series to get into more depth in these APIs.

Before you proceed, you need :

  • Objects endpoint.
  • User credentials to access Objects endpoint.
  • Windows/Linux/Mac client where we will write the code.

Upload type supported by Objects : 

  • Standard upload.
    • Object is uploaded in single connection.
    • Max size : 5GB
  • Multipart Upload
    • Max size : 5TB
    • Max Parts : 10,000
    • Max part size : 5GB

Read type supported by Objects : 

  • Object GET.
  • Object GET with range_reads.

Let's start writing some code and understand what happens in backend.